Promoting indigenous knowledge within the Sustainable Development Agenda

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9th blogBy Giorgia Magni, Education Research Consultant, and author of a background paper for the 2016 GEM Report

The preparation for the future begins with the lessons of the past”. These are the words of Tuimoce Fuluna Tikoidelaimakotu, a young member of the Korova settlement in Fiji. The “lessons of the past” he is referring to are those embedded in the traditional knowledge of his community, which have been passed down through the generations. As the 2016 GEM Report due out on the 6 September will show in more detail, these lessons are vital to understanding how to protect the environment around us, and, as such, should be all of our responsibility to protect.

Tuimoce tells a story of how, for centuries, indigenous populations have used their knowledge to adapt to hostile conditions, managing to live in harmony with nature by finding ways to sail the ocean in…

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