In my tribe, we go to a different type of school

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Blog by Mundiya Kapanga, who attended the launch of the 2016 GEM Report in London.

28560286010_ce7cbc7c81_k Mundiya Kepanga

I know that Westerners are busy and that you are always looking at your watch so I will be quick. I will only take five or six minutes of your time.

I’m called Mundiya Kepanga. I’m the chief of the Huli tribe in Papua New Guinea. I am sure lots of important people write for the blog you are reading, but I’m not a Maire, I’m not a Minister, I’m not a Prime Minister and I don’t have a Nobel Prize. I’m just a chief who doesn’t know how to read or write. I must also admit that I’ve never been to school. Now, for this text I need someone to type what I’m saying. With my friends we preferred to play in the forest and get into mischief. One day, my father asked…

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